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Electronics and Programming Education Workshops


Smart Tech Discovery!

We are proud to announce that we are offering some of the workshops and sessions in this year's Smart Tech Discovery hosted by Gold Coast Tech Space.

The Smart Tech Discovery workshops and sessions cover a broad range of Electronic and Programming education programs.

The January 2015 program is set to run at Robina on the Gold Coast from the 14th.

See the up to date Smart Tech Calendar

Our regular workshop and sessions continue to run throughout the year in all the major capital cities.

Don't miss out

In order to ensure the best level of service and education, we have limited numbers available for each workshop / session.

What prerequisites are there?

Most workshops and sessions do not require any prerequisites at all and are aimed at a beginner for that subject matter.

However, some workshops and sessions do state some prerequisites but they are usually just a recommendation. See a particular workshop / session for more information.

We want to hear from you!

Our Gold Coast workshop dates have been tentatively booked and are pending minimum numbers and general availabilty from you.

You are encouraged to register your interest regardless of your location as we hold regular workshops throughout all major cities in Australia.

Register my interest!

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the worldNelson Mandela


Our available Workshops and Sessions


Introduction into Electronics

No soldering required! Introduction to Electronics is beginner friendly.
→ details & booking


Basic Arduino / GCDuino

Learn the basics of what a microcontroller is and how to use one.
→ details & booking

Workshop (full day)

Raspberry Pi Workshop

No soldering required! Latest Raspberry Pi Model B+ included.
→ details & booking


Build an Arduino

No Soldering required! You must be able to blink an LED with an Arduino.
→ details & booking


Build your own Robot, using PrimeBot

Have you ever wanted to build a Robot to do what you wish?
→ details & booking


Internet of Things (IoT)

Come and learn what all the fuss is about with practical client / server examples.
→ details & booking


Advanced Arduino / GCDuino

This is a hard and fast presentation lifting the curtains in the world of Arduino.
→ details & booking

Seminar (3 parts)

The Art of Programming

Practical skills for software engineering. This is a three part seminar.
→ details & booking


Introduction to Software Defined Radio (SDR)

Learn how to install and setup a Software Defined Radio (SDR)
→ details & booking


Using Free Software - the Basics

An introductory workshop for any age, covering GUI, and using “Cloud” vs local facilities.
→ details & booking


Open and Free 3D Design and Printing

Ever wanted to know how to and 3D print your own designs?
→ details & booking


Introduction to Linux Systems

An introductory workshop to Linux Systems for any age.
→ details & booking


Introduction to Open Desktop Graphics Design

Learn about both raster-based and vector-based graphics using free software.
→ details & booking


Modern Microcontrollers & SBCs

Brief history & showcase of micros & Single board computers.
→ details & booking


PCB Design & Manufacturing using EagleCad

Have you ever wanted to make your own PCBs?
→ details & booking

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magicArthur C. Clarke

Meet our trainers

Years of industry experience, combined with teaching excellence






Smart Tech Discovery Workshop Address:

Gold Coast TechSpace
Robina Community Centre
San Antonio Drive
Robina QLD 4226
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